For stage pre-project preparation

  • processing of economic, environmental and deadline analyses of your investment project
  • complex assessment of selected locality in particular with regard to risk of  proposed solution and external influences of prepared environmental friendly building

For stage project preparation

  • ensuring all necessary documentation to request for decision on:
  • location of building
  • obtaining building permit
  • ensuring related surveys and studies

For  stage pre-realization preparation

  • ensuring the entire selection procedure in compliance with law in force:
  • ensuring documentation for selection procedure
  • processing selection procedure conditions according to your ideas
  • cooperation during selection procedure (assembly of tenders, opening of envelopes)
  • cooperation in evaluation of selection procedure
  • cooperation in ensuring financing of your environmental friendly buildings
  • processing statements of assesments
  • valuation of construction work

For  stage execution of your investment project

  • providing technical and administrative support of  execution
  • providing copyright, technical and environmental supervisions
  • keeping waste management evidence
  • preparing documentation for building acceptation


  • design and optimal solutions of landfills operation, their water service (treatment of leachate from landfills), gas distribution with direct link to project solutions
  • providing complex engineering service for operated landfill
  • processing of landfills´ operational rules
  • processing of closed landfills´ operational rules
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