We offer execution and asssurance of geological surveys focused on:

  • engineering-geological and hydrogeological survey (for obtaining parameters of territory)
  • contamination survey of geological environment
  • survey for building industry
  • survey for water service
  • former environmental burdens survey and area redevelopment

We also offer custom made designs, execution and operation of monitoring systems to monitor quality of water, soil, air, landfill gas (biogas), scent substances. Monitoring systems also help with following monitorings: impact of facilities on state of fauna and flora, stability of landfill body, waste compaction rates, calculation of free landfill capacity, evaluation of mandatory conditions implementation of integrated permit device.

  • engineering-geological survey
  • hydrogeological survey
  • contamination survey of geological environment
  • complex environmental monitoring

Within engineering-geological surveys we provide:

  • base ratios verification of all types of constructions
  • survey of slumping and risk areas
  • stabel calculations of land and ground bodies
  • work carried out by mining methods
  • assessing the suitability of local soils for mineral sealing realization of landfills, including conclusing tests
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