Waste management We offer complex waste management solutions to all regions, municipalities and private companies according to law requirements (in compliance with the Act No. 185/2001 Coll. on Wastes, and related legal enactment). We provide entire analysis of present waste management situation of region, municipality or private company, waste management studies up to specific waste management solution together with proposals of technologies.

Projecting activitiesWe provide complex project documentation processing of your investment projects – starting with economic analyses of your ideas and feasibility studies, through project documentation to land or building management, up to execution of projects and documentation of actual building construction.

Engineering Our experienced team of experts is capable to prepare economical, environmental and technical analyses of current and planned environment friendly constructions and operations. We unsure all neccesary documentation, records and statements which are important for the initiation of your dealings with state administration body, in all stages of preparation and implementation of your investment project.

Use of grants for project financing For your projects we investigate possibility of obtaining a grant from the European Union programmes and from Czech financial resources.

Surveying and geological work We offer execution and assurance of geological surveys focused on: engineering-geological and hydrogeological survey (for obtaining parameters of territory}, contamination survey of geological environment, survey for building industry, survey for water service, former environmental burdens survey and area redevelopment.
Above all we offer custom made desings, execution and operation …

Laboratory of soil mechanics, geotechnical work For construction needs we offer execution and assurance of field sampling and laboratory tests in our own testing laboratory. We also provide control tests of soil and loose material compaction.

Expert and advisory activities For users of technological equipment we offer processing of operational rules and emergency plans in compliance of the following Acts: No. 185/2001Coll., No. 86/2002 Coll. and No. 254/2001 Coll.). We also provide processing of applications for integrated permit (IPPC) and their changes in compliance of the Act No. 76/2002 Coll. , EIA in compliance of the Act No. 100/2001 Coll. and last but not least we can arrange processing of risk analyses, supervision activities, …

Project management When large projects are realized ENVIprojekt Company uses the latest knowledge in the field of planning, efficient management and coordination of work (LogFrame, Microsoft Project).

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